These e-mail addresses in the table below MAY NOT be used to conduct insurance business with any of Insurance Partners Producers.

If you wish to do any of the above or have questions regarding your policy, please contact your insurance agent in person or on the telephone.

I acknowledge that I have read the Important Notice above and I agree to its provisions. As I am not conducting any of the above-mentioned activities through The InterAgency e-mail addresses, but I would like to contact a local InterAgency producer.

If you wish to contact a member of Insurance Partners, please click on the link below

These e-mail addresses cannot be used to:

--obtain, cancel, or amend a  policy.
--make premium payments.
--to report a claim.

During December of 1989, a group of insurance agencies asked the InterAgency to put together a standard lines brokerage for them. There are currently several companies involved in the Network. These companies include:

Badger Mutual
Commercial & H.O.
Central States Life & Health Co Of Omaha
Credit Life
Liberty Mutual
Commercial Lines
Harleysville/Nationwide Insurance Co
Commercial & Personal Lines
Kemper Preferred Insurance
Personal Lines
Mendota Insurance Co
Specialty Auto
Nationwide Agribusiness*
*Nationwide Insurance Co
Farm Packages and Products
*Nationwide Insurance Co
Specialty Auto & Recreational Vehicles
Commercial & Personal Lines
Safeco Insurance
Personal Lines

The InterAgency has developed a network of over 150 insurance agencies located throughout Minnesota and North Dakota.

If you have questions contact Jayne Holm (1.800.328.7198)

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